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  • 10H00 - 11H00 : Screening "Poo Poo Pee Doo", conversation with music composer Thibault Cohade

    Conversation with music composer Thibault Cohade that worked on the creation of original music for Betty Boop films. 

    Speaker : 
    Thibaut COHADE (subject to confirmation)


    11H00 - 12H00 : Originale music creation for cinema ; the example of the documentary « Petite Laine »

    As part of the Créamusic festival, Occitanie films, agency for cinema and audiovisual in the Occitanie region, offers a meeting around the documentary PETITE LAINE, directed by Catherine Lafont, music composition by Jeanne Ribis, and produced by Le Lokal production and Green Zooms. 

    This conference will take a look back to the meeting of the music composer and the director, their way of working together, the stages of creating the music, and the presentation of audio and video extracts from the project. We will explore the process of creating a musical work for the image.

    Meeting in the presence of the director and the composer hosted by Karim Ghiyati, Director of Occitanie films, with the support of the Cinémathèque du Documentaire as part of the Docs en écoles project.

    This project has benefited from the support of the Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée Region in partnership with the CNC and Sacem's grant for the creation of original music for short film in partnership with Occitanie films.

    Speakers :

    Catherine LAFONT, Director
    Jeanne RIBIS, Music Composer

    Karim GHIYATI, Occitanie Films' director


    12H00 - 13H00 : Conversation with Simon Cloquet-Lafollye and Baptiste Allard

    Two music to image composers share their work experience and how it is working together on their last audiovisual projects. 

    Speakers :

    Simon CLOQUET-LAFOLLYE, Music composer
    Baptiste ALLARD, Music composer

    Laurent BALANDRAS


    14H00 - 15H30 : Metaverse, challenges and opportunities for sync and music to image professionals

    The metaverse, a technological and digital innovation that creates virtual networks to facilitate  virtual experiences and interactions, revolutionizeways of consumption and creation in music. But, how music composers and sync professionels can seize this innovation for their work ? 

    Speaker :

    Zakaria LAABID, CEO et co-fondeur of (subject to confirmation)
    Christophe LIETAER, Associate (subject to confirmation)


    15H45- 17H15 : Specificities of brazilian sync and music to image market : meet the experts

    A panel of expert : music supervisors, directors, publishers and other brazilians  music to image professionals  are gathered to exchange about the characteristic of their market and the opportunities it represents for french creators.

    Speakers :

    Mário DI POI, Co-fonder INPUT and music supervisors (BR)
    The other participants will be announced soon ! 


    17H30 - 18H15 : Screening "Mickey", conversation with the music composer Célia Picciochi

    Conversation with music composer Célia Picciochi that worked on the creation of original music for Mickey's films. 

    Speaker :

    Célia PICCIOCHI, Music composer


    18H30 : Créamusic Awards 2022

    Creamusic awards reward the best original music composition for audiovisuals works for threea categories :  

    • « Comedy »
    • « Culinary Documentary »
    • « Animation film »