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These terms and conditions apply to all users (the "Users") of the website www.creamusic-sync.com (the "Site") and the services offered through the Site (the "Services"). ). The Site and the Services are operated exclusively by  Féderation EIFEIL.




Access to the site, its consultation and use are subject to the unconditional acceptance of these Terms of Use of the Site (the "Terms"). These terms of use do not give the User any right to the music directly. For any authorized use of a specific music, the User must obtain and pay a specific license.


All Users may use the Site and the available Music Search and Listening Service, but must open an account through the Site to use the other Services, including downloading music for testing purposes only.


 Website :


The Site and the "CréaMusic" brand belong exclusively to Féderation EIFEIL.

Services :


The EIFEIL Federation may, at its discretion, limit the Services offered, refuse to open an account or close an account and / or refuse to provide Services to any User.





Féderation EIFEIL requires, retains and uses the contact information and information of the User for the sole purpose of the administration of the Services,  Féderation EIFEIL or its agents, managers or representatives. The User guarantees to provide correct information and inform the Féderation EIFEIL of everything.




Féderation EIFEIL  uses the personal information provided by users to inform its users, send news releases and otherwise exchange with users of the Site and its Services. EIFEIL will not share users' personal information with unaffiliated third parties without the consent of the user.




Any infringement of the rights to any music will be subject to the penalties provided for in these terms of use, the Law, including in particular the statutory damages provided by the French Copyright Law. The User will be responsible for such violation, whether this violation is intentional or not, made by the User or by a third party with the knowledge of the User. In addition, the Féderation EIFEIL and the concerned holders of copyright reserve all their rights and possibilities to put an end to any violation, to obtain compensation for their damages, and to prevent any subsequent violation.


 Website and Services:


Féderation EIFEIL reserves the right to modify all or part of the Website and the Services offered at any time and at its sole discretion. In particular, the Féderation EIFEIL may temporarily or definitively eliminate all or part of the Services offered.




The EIFEIL Federation may modify the GCU at any time and at its sole discretion. The new Terms and Conditions come into force as soon as they are posted on the Site.




It is strictly forbidden, by action or omission, in any way whatsoever, by oneself or by a third party:


- To copy, distribute, or extract the content of the Site;


- To use the Site or the Services for unauthorized, illegal or criminal purposes;


- To create an account, to make a request for synchronization under the name of another person in order to deceive others or the Féderation EIFEIL;


- To modify, copy, divert or circumvent the Site code and / or its protection mechanisms;


- To prevent or limit access to the Site and Services for any other user;


- To expose the Site to any virus or other harmful program;


- To obtain, modify or illegally copy the information of third parties;


- To act in any other way against the requirements of good faith or against any other obligation arising from any applicable law.





In addition to any other means permitted by law, the Federation EIFEIL may validly notify the User by sending a note by email to the last email address declared by the User.




The conditions of use of the Site and the Services, as well as any obligation and any right of a party or a third party in relation to the Site, the Services and / or the relation between  Féderation EIFEIL and the User, are subject to the laws and regulations in force in France.


 Election of jurisdiction:


Any dispute or dispute relating to the Site, the GCU, the Services between the Féderation EIFEIL  and the User including in particular their validity, their execution, their interpretation or their termination will obligatorily be submitted to the competent court of Paris (France), with the formal exclusion from any other court of jurisdiction.

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