Call for applications

Call for authors application



Creamusic 1 short film, 1 commercial, 1 documentary
Creamusic Beforehand, EIFEIL will organize a creative seminar to allow authors to work on original compositions of the three pre-selected films! 
Creamusic Restitution in cine-concert format during the festival.


Send your applications here
(1 biography and your previous creations)
Creamusic Deadline : October 1st 2019
Criteria : Be an author and/or composer registered with SACEM

Call for projects for the CréaMusic Awards



Creamusic the credits of a culinary documentary 
Creamusic the best creation during the festival 
Creamusic the best excluded/previewed
Creamusic the best short "less than 5'"
Creamusic the best "Girl power"
Creamusic the best "lol"


The Awards Ceremony will take place during the festival.
Submit the synchronized movie of your music via the platform.

And receive (perhaps) the very first CréaMusic Award!
Creamusic Deadline : November 1st 2019
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