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13 DÉC 2019


December 12 and 13, 2019 at the Métronum in Toulouse

The first days was sold out !

The second day almost... despite the strikes and other unlikely hurricanes!


Thanks to our partners: 

Ministry of the Culture


City of Toulouse

The Métronum



Bureau Export


Thank you to our speakers and congratulations to the winners of the CréaMusic 2019 Awards! 


18 OCT 2019

CréaMusic was at the MaMA Festival et Convention in Paris from October 16-18 2019, to organize a publishers'workshop with more than 65 participants, a conference "Promotional tools and transmedia"with more than 90 participants, and a CréApéro to launch the CréaMusic Festival and Webradio

10 JUIL 2019

CréaMusic was at the Francofolies in La Rochelle, from July 10-14 2019 to promote the CréaMusic plateform and festival !

17 JUIN 2019
CréaMusic was in New York City for A2IM’s Indie Week from June 17-20 2019, to promote the CréaMusic plateform and festival and to organize a meeting with music supervisors !

A2IM Indie Week is a four-day international conference and networking event aimed at maximizing the global impact of Independent music. Indie Week includes keynotes, panels, receptions, exclusive networking sessions, performances, and much more.

04 JUIN 2019

We will be happy to participate at MIDEM who is dedicated to helping the music industry and its partners develop business and creativity by bringing together the key players of the music ecosystem. Midem have the ambition to help build the modern and innovative music business of tomorrow by merging the industry’s know-how and pushing its boundaries to warrant creativity and talent valuing at a global scale.

23 MAI 2019

The world of music creation needs to be gathered and listened to.
This year, we are giving him an appointment in Lyon for a day dedicated to the creation and publishing of music, little-known crafts but essential to the sustainability of the works and the future of their creators.
Engaged and creative, EditA 2019 will bring together all industry professionals, creators and artists, amateur audiences and the curious, with the aim of strengthening the links between all the actors of the world of culture, knowing that the universal culture remains the cornerstone of our freedoms in a changing world and troubled times.

04 AVRIL 2019

We will be happy to participate at Allez Hop! : the first French-German Cultural Entrepreneurship Summit held in Mannheim from April 3rd to 5th 2019. Being the first and by now only one of its kind, Allez Hop! is organised by STARTUP Mannheim, the French Embassy in Germany and the French Ministry of Cultural Affairs in Paris. See you there ! 

28 MARS 2019

You'll be able to meet CréaMusic team at the Lisbon International Music Network (MIL) in Lisbon on March 28th and 29th, 2019! Hope to meet you there!

15 FEV 2019

You will have the pleasure to meet the CréaMusic team at the M4Music Festival in Zurich (CH) on March 15th, 2019! Do we meet there?

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